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Blog Dominator is a bloggers best friend when it comes to automated blog content. We all have busy schedules and it is easy to neglect adding quality content to your blog and before long it becomes stale to the search engines so they visit much less frequently and you notice the number of new visitors dropping like a rock. This is where Blog Dominator can help! Once installed it will add content to your blog automated based on the frequency you set it at. Blog Content Generator

Bloggers worldwide enjoy using Blog Dominator because installation is very easy and they know they are getting automatic blog content posted to their blog each day. Blog Dominator is not like some blog content softwares that posts jibberish on your blog. You blog will receive quality automated blog content based on the latest news and the content is relevant because you are able to control the keywords of your content!

How You Can Add Content To Your Blog Automated

  1. Set Up Your Account
  2. Inside Your Account Set Up Your Blog URL, Keywords and Post Frequency
  3. Download Blog Dominator
  4. Upload Blog Dominator To Your Blog

That’s it! Your blog is ready to start receiving automatic blog content which is relevant to your blog.

Setup Your BlogDominator Account

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